How To Add Google Analytics in Facebook Instant Articles

Google Analytics in Facebook Instant Articles

The Analytics is used on a website for a systematic computational analysis of traffic or in simple term “To measure traffic “. It is also used for historical data to research potential trends.We can use Analytics for to watch real-time traffic too.

Instant Articles allows publishers to track engagement with their articles through data that Facebook provides as well as data that publishers can gather by embedding in-house analytics tools or third-party measurement services. There are different web analyzing tools around the internet which are Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics etc..

Here, I am going to show you how can we integrate Google Analytics in Facebook Instant Articles.

1. Go to your Analytics Dashboard and create an Analytics property as “Your website name – Instant” and add your Domain.

How To Add Google Analytics in Facebook Instant Articles

2. Click on the Get Tracking ID and copy the entire javascript code.

Google Analytics tracking code

3. Click on the Instant Articles tab on the left bottom of your website.And go to the Analytics section.Now, Enable custom embed code and paste the google analytics tracking javascript code.

 Facebook Instant Articles plugin analytics

We had successfully integrated Google Analytics with Facebook Instant Articles, Now we can easily watch and analyze the web traffic and engagement on your post/website.





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